Day Trippers – Episode 1 – Proper Breakfast

After long hours of work we finally wrapped up the first episode of “day trippers”. I was Director of photography and editor for this one. Pretty stoked on how goofy and weird it turned out.

In this very first episode of “Day Trippers”, Ben Alexander, the new intern, is introduced to the weird world of at their home-based-office. Tune in as he encounters an awkward first day of “work”.

Dip into the lives of the home-office of, an online lingerie and sexy fashion company, and follow our motley crew of aspiring actors, yoga girls, office temps and medical marijuana enthusiasts.

Karma Ray – Tiffany Wright
Kevin Christos – Geoff Ward
Jenna Morris – Nadine Casanova
Ben Alexander – Andrew Baxter
Mona Lewis – Classy Lauren Brenner
Nathan Gay – Saied Abbasi

Boom Op – Vince Bowman
1st AC – Jacob Fox
Editor – Cole Jenkins
Asst. Editor – Andrew Baxter
DP – Cole Jenkins
Director – Alex Sarkissian
Writer – Alex Sarkissian

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