Welcome to Los Angeles Short Film

Two Stoner Kids visit their washed up uncle in Los Angeles and try to master the art of “Scoring Chicks”.
Welcome to Los Angeles. Short Film 2012.
Written and Directed by Alex Sarkissian
Excecutive Producer Tiffany Wright
Edited By Cole Jenkins
Director of Photography – Justyn Moro
Assistant Camera – Nathan Hay
Set Decoractor – Francois Paire
Visual Fx/ coloring/ Sound – Cole Jenkins
Jim – Scott Brady
Jon – John Michael Taylor
Jake – Andrew Baxter
Ellie – Allison Au
Hannah- Flora Leyva
Reina – Dana Allison
Fake Id Man – Cruz
BouncerJack – Antikajian
Bartender – Janine Soukiasian
Cha Cha – Holly Meowy
Mars- Marlene Sarkissian
Klo-Keinya Snow

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