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Birthday Shred!

Screenshot 2014-09-16 04.00.44

Catalina Camping Time-Lapse


Cole Jenkins Acting Reel 2013-2014

Here are a couple of the Film projects I’ve had the chance to act in over the past couple years…. The bigger and better ones are still on the horizon and about to be released. For booking inquiry email me at

Topanga Sneaky Barrel Sesh!


New Butter Stiltskin Tab on Website

New Butter Stiltskin Tab on Website

Listen to the Full Demo from 2014 Online!


Topanga State Beach Barrel!

Topanga State Beach Barrel!

Snuck this sneaky shot last sunday at Topanga State Beach….Such an epic day. Poor to fair conditions on thereports but ended up sneaking 30 plus waves longboard style…..only 10 people out… good times.

Concrete Wave

No waves this week! Had to scavenge for something Vertical! Found this lil secret spot!

Getting Ready for AMERICAN IDOL 3041

New Music Project “Butter Stiltskin” Demo Printed to limited edition CD’s

These came out great! Will have these available on an online store soon!…in the meantime just email me: and I’ll ship them out to you! Free for friends of course…